diamond ring buyer

Diamond Ring buyer

Diamond ring buyer

Are you looking for a diamond ring buyer?  Selling your diamond ring or jewelry at www.ringbuyer.com will be a safe, simple and fair transaction, guaranteed. We are a BBB Accredited Business with an A+ rating. Confidential, straightforward transactions have earned us our fine diamond ring buyer reputation.

Here’s how our diamond ring buyer transaction will work:

You request a diamond ring buyer quote: You can do this now if you would like to with our online “ring buyers quote” form… CLICK HERE when you are ready to sell  The more complete your information about the diamond ring the more accurate our quote can be.

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Diamond Ring Buyer

We contact you with our opinion: Based on the information provided about your diamond ring certificate or appraisal and your asking price we will determine if you are asking fair market value. Either way we will contact you right away to discuss the diamond ring buyer value.

You decide: Only if we both agree on a price for the diamond ring will we make insured arrangements to see your diamond jewelry, diamond ring or watch. If we can not agree on a price we will be happy to suggest other avenues for you to liquidate your diamond ring, jewelry and/or watches.

diamond ring buyer

We evaluate your ring and certificate: As a diamond ring buyer our evaluation department has a complete gemological gem lab to quickly examine your diamond ring and/or diamond jewelry in house within one business day. If your description of the condition was accurate our commitment to purchase will stand.

You receive full payment: There is no consignment of the diamond ring, no waiting weeks or months for a possible ring buyer like with a retail shop.  There are no seller fees, no photography fees and no listing fees like auction houses.  The diamond ring buyer company policy is that full payment will be sent out within 24 hours and at our expense.

If your ring is GIA certified or appraised… CLICK HERE